Voltech SDI Converter SCH-1
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Product Detail:

Introducing the Voltech SDI Converter SCH-1: Enhance your visual experience!
Main Features
- The Voltech SDI Converter SCH-1 is designed to unleash the full potential of high-definition digital component serial interface (SDI) signals, making them easily accessible on HDMI displays.
- High-performance digital chip supports SCH-1, providing perfect signal conversion, zero ghosting, no flicker, and no watermark visual experience.
- Enjoy crystal-clear views with a native 1080p resolution display for crisp and stable screen quality
- The SCH-1 bridges the gap between SDI and HDMI devices by easily converting single-channel High Definition Digital Component Serial Interface (HD-SDI, 3G-SDI, SD-SDI) signals to HDMI.
Multiple Connections
-Supports SDI input for video and surveillance cameras, and provides SDI and HDMI output simultaneously.
- Flexible connectivity to various devices including HD projectors, DLP screens, and HDTVs.

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