RC2401/RC2406 Wireless Tour Guide System
RC2401/RC2406 Wireless Tour Guide System Voltech Wireless Translator System Johor Bahru, JB, Johor, Malaysia. Supplier, Suppliers, Supplies, Supply | Voltech Professional
Product Description:
  • A reliable wireless tour guide system and conference simultaneous interpretation system are used for mobile tour support and to overcome potential background noise.

  • The system becomes a solution for a wide range of different options for small or large mobile events, especially with visitors or recipients from different cultures and communicating in different languages.

  • By applying this system, the contents of conferences or tourism events can be translated into multilingual to facilitate communication and understanding.

  • The system is completed with a microphone, a transmitter, a headphone and a receiver.

  • The receiver itself can be combined with different headphones.

  • Voltech Wireless Guide receivers are 2.4 GHz worldwide free and use legal frequencies. Our customers can use the receiver and system free of charge, regardless of the country, as it is a legal and free frequency worldwide.

  • Establish channel synchronization and establish communication with group members with one click.

  • The system allows 50 to 80 groups to use the same place simultaneously without interfering with each other.

  • The receiver is small and portable, palm-sized, light to 37g, and easy to use.

  • The receiver range is within 200m, and the sound quality is evident.

  • The receiver can work continuously for 20 hours after charging for 2 hours, and the transmitter can work continuously for 10 hours after charging for 2 hours.

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