Voltech HVP16K
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Product Detail:

The Voltech HVP16K LED multi-window video wall controller is a versatile powerhouse designed to deliver a superior visual experience!
Main Features
- Deliver stunning visuals to impress your audience with high-quality videos and presentations.
- Supports 4K Ultra HD input, ensuring stunning image quality and crystal-clear visuals for a truly immersive display.
- Provides 4 splicing functions in a single machine, which can realize square, horizontal, or vertical splicing, including 2x4 splicing for dynamic layout.
- Easily rotate images 90 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise and mirror them horizontally or vertically, providing flexibility in content orientation and alignment.
Multiple Connections
- Offers four input options, USB, HDMI, SDI, and DP, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of devices and integrated audio via speaker and LED display outputs
- Manage and control video wall displays composed of multiple LED screens to create custom layouts, display multiple video sources simultaneously, and manipulate content presentations, digital signage, and immersive visual experiences.
- The main and secondary screens can be displayed independently or in combination, adapting to a variety of usage scenarios.
- Supports up to 8-channel 3-screen splicing, including side screen mirroring, enabling multiple configurations.
- Enable efficient multitasking and content management by enabling a single screen to display up to four windows simultaneously
- 16 standard sending cards are provided and 8 standard sending cards can be installed, making it a versatile and powerful tool for creating impressive video walls.

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