Voltech HVP-C9
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Product Detail:

Introducing the Voltech HDMI Splicer HVP-C9 Video Wall Controller with 9 ports - the ultimate solution for creating mesmerizing video wall displays.
Main Feature 
- Engineered for peak performance, this pure hardware architecture powerhouse ensures that your video walls are nothing short of spectacular. 
- With advanced image processing technologies, it excels at collecting high-definition video signals, guaranteeing stunning clarity and detail of the video wall. 
- Combine multiple HDMI video sources into a single video output, then ''split'' the signal into multiple signals, allowing the signal to be displayed on multiple screens as an overall picture.
- Up to 9 HDMI port connections provide more content management and control.
Multiple Connection
- Effortlessly connecting with laptops, speakers, and televisions for seamless integration. 
RF Remote Control
- Provides convenient and user-friendly access to manage and customize the video wall, offering ease of operation and flexibility in controlling content and display configurations.
- Voltech HDMI Splicer HVP-C9 Video Wall Controller delivers unparalleled flexibility to suit specific needs with 2 splicing, 3 splicing, 4 splicing,  6 splicing, 8 splicing, or 9 splicing modes.

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